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    We’re a couple (literally) of life-long gym rats that have seen so much change around the fitness industry over the last 30 years. In early 2018 we had an idea of owning some type of business that was involved with the fitness world, whether it was that actual workout regimen, the healthy eating component, or what people chose to wear when they went into workout mode - focused and fixed on a goal of looking fit, and ultimately feeling fit, for life. When an opportunity was presented to purchase a company that provided fitness clothing to women who cared about how they look, both in the gym and out, we jumped on it. It has only been a short time on what will be a long journey in understanding what our customers care about in fitness clothing, and how we can help them look good, and feel good. That is where our tag line “Look Fit Feel Fit” comes from. Maybe it has been used before, however we want to let our customers know what drives us to provide the best in Fitness Attire. The world has come a long way from pulled back ponytails, hats, and baggy sweats! We’ve been fitness nuts our whole lives and believe we understand what it is like to juggle bringing up a family, earning a living and staying fit, however with four Millennial Children in the family, we are definitely trying to stay connected to our clients who are just beginning their lives of fitness. We strive to show you the best and brightest in the world of fitness fashion, and to provide that fashion to you at a reasonable price, with exceptional quality. Join us. Be a part of our family business! Send us your ideas, what you want to see more of, what you don’t care to see at all. However we can help you - Our Valued Customer.
    Welcome to our world!  Look Fit, Feel Fit.
    The FitCapri Team
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